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since I am getting rid of all my C&EI models, i'll just have to fill this space with other models I am working on and ones i have built in the past.



Life Like P2K SD9
just a stock SD9 that i painted and decaled.  I also added some parts from Sunrise Enterprises.

Atlas SD35
this unit got some new number decals, Sunrise light packages and a beacon and rooftop bell.

P2K GP9 3338

on this unit, i painted and decaled it, cut away part of the side sills, and added a few details from DW and Sunrise.

P2K GP9 3415
this unit recieved the same treatment as the unit above.

Kato SD40R 7310
this Kato unit got new paint and decals and a few details here and there.  there were a few SP units that recieved this small lettering in the 90's.

custom SP SD39
this is one of the 3 Southern Pacific SD39's I am currently building.  they are being built using the sides from Hi-Tech, Cannin doors, ends, noses, cabs, and sub bases, P2K SD45 walkways and Kato SD40 chassis and drives.  they are coming along pretty good so far, but they still need a lot of work.