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Genesis Union Pacific SD70M

this is one of two Union Pacific SD70M's that i just finished building.  I built is using the Athearn Genesis SD70M and the flared radiator and phase 2 cab from .  they turned out pretty well.  now that i am done with all my modern junk, i can get back to the good ol SP!   the photo is linked to the current owners website.  check it out!

Genesis Norfolk Southern SD70M

this is one of two Norfolk Southern SD70M's that i just built.  i used the same stuff as the UP SD70M's

brass Southern Pacific SD40M-2

this unit started off as an Oriental brass Erie Lackawana SDP45.  I added new fans, roof details, and a few other details, painted and decaled it, and now i go me a one of a kind SP SD40M-2

Kato Southern Pacific "Kodachrome" SD45R

well, I got tired of the same old gray and red so i decided to try something a little bit more difficult.  so i decided to make a SD40R in the kodachrome SPSF merger scheme.  after adding all of the required SP details, i painted and decaled the unit and here it is.  i think that from now on i will buy factory painted kodachrome units :)