Southern Pacific's Beauont Hill model railroad under construction.

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Here are some pictures of the mobile home in which i will build my railroad.
So far, all I have done is tear out all the walls, and part of the floor that has rotted out. first i have to replace the floor, then i can get down to the benchwork.

soon, you will be able to wander the entire Beaumont Hill line without ever going to California.

in this view, West Colton yard will be long the right wall on top. Indio will be underneath. the tracks will leave West Colton, go around the end and come back twoards this end along the side wall. then they will turn and head back down the middle, climbing the whole time. somewhere along the middle the tracks will reach the summit. then they will come back down the middle and make another curve then go back away from you into indio. below where they started.

from his end, West colton will be on the left, the summit at Beaumont and Banning will be in the middle, and San Timeto canyon will be on your right.

here, you would be looking at the summit. with san timeto canyon behind and to your right. across the room in the bak corner will be west colton yard

rom here, you are standing about where the west colton engine terminal will be, looking at banning in he middle. the tracks will end at indio in the back right corner

San Timeto canyon on the right, pennensula coming down the middle, and colton on the upper level and the entrance to indio on the lower level on the left

on the right, the tracks will be leaving the colton area and entering the canyon on the upper level. on the lower level will be Indio. in the middle the tracks will be leaving banning and coming back twoards you entering palm Springs and all the other desert towns.

most of the line will have a 2% grade to the summit, then another 2% down the other side almost to Indio.

here is a trio of SP SD40M-2's that i painted and decald to pul trains over my Beaumont Hill layout.

Here is a picture of me in front of my wall-o-trains.

Support our troops, and God Bless the USA!!!